Architectonica Procreate

Hotels & Restaurants

Velavadur 2022

Area: 40500 sqmts

Brief: A Peaceful retreat at Blackbuck Sanctuary. The natural wetlands are retained and cottages placed stratigically to appear to be invisible.

Rampur 2016

Area: 3050 sqmts

Brief: Community building for Jain pilgrims in Rampur.0

Ahmedabad 2015

Area: 55 sqmts

Brief: A small restaurant on terrace of an existing building.


Dhola vira 2012

Area: 17600 sqmts



Bhopal 2010

Area: 7000 sqmts

Brief: A 100 room Business Hotel on the outskirts of bustling city of Bhopal on a lush green 7 acre table top plot on top of a hill. The Surface area of plot has been doubled by creating 9m high hills and going 9 m below, thus making space for hills and lakes, for which the town is famous.

Saputara 2009

Area: 10000 sqmts

Brief: An ecotel is a hallmark application that identifies with energy conservation, waste management, water recycling.

Propelled by the concept of holistic lifestyle and well-being the spa rests on the healing philosophy of physical, mental and spiritual health. The inclusion of art and culture in the forms of Boutique shops into the regime of the guests is carefully orchestrated to elevate the human spirit. Spiritually serene and surreally mystical.

Ahmedabad 2007

Area: 3000 sqmts

Brief: Pre-fabricated hollow MS columns clad with exposed rcc panels, MS roof, 130 covers. A vastu following concept, the central open space converted into a lily pool. Focus being on Hyderabadi cuisine, highlight of the restaurant is a fabricated tandoor that can be viewed from inside the restaurant as well as from the main road with the letters hyderabad blues written over the extended chimney.

Jaipur 2005

Area: 3.5 acre

Brief: A resort promoting organic life style. Naturally sloping land on the NH8 Delhi Jaipur highway. Inspired by the old palaces and Havells of Rajasthan, the resort boasts of 15 cottages, each designed differently, placed in complete isolation to heighten the effects of lush greenery.