Architectonica Procreate


Ahmedabad 2021

Area: 112 sqmts

Brief: Office for a foreign importer of goods.


Ahmedabad 2021

Area: 35 sqmts

Brief: Cabin for the CEO in wood and marble.


Surat 2018

Area: 2000 sq mts

Brief: Making an eficient branch for public use keeping the Bank’s image in mind.

Ahmedabad 2017

Area: 360 sqmts

Brief: Office for a multinational lighting company.


Ahmedabad 2011

Area: 200 sqmts

Brief: Renovating a historic Bank’s Corporate floor. The idea was to give the spaces a new contemporary look.

Ahmedabad 2009

Area: 111 m²

Brief: Corporate office of a CWPD Contractor Firm, materials used were glass, stainless steel, and Aluminum. The idea is to make a modular and GREEN office, environment-friendly.

Ahmedabad 2007

Area: 60 sqmts

Brief:  Compact office space. Modern materials and Shoestring budget Architectural Design Office.

Ahmedabad 2003

Area: 30sqmts

Brief: An Insurance consultants office. Modern contemporary interiors.

Ahmedabad 2003

Area: 30 sq mts

Brief: Minimalist design.


Ahmedabad 2002

Area: 50 sqmts

Brief: Office for a Plastic manufacturer.


Noida 1998

Area: 2230 sqmts 

Brief: The interior design is modular, yet gives a stable and permanent feel. The materials used are lightweight and transparent like glass, steel and wood. An ambience of Spartan light heartedness that uplifts the mood.