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Public Buildings

Shimla 2022

Area: 1520 sqmts

Brief: A Convention Hall situated at mountainous region overlooking the landscapes of Shimla.

Diu 2022

Area: 2500 sqmt

Brief: INS Khukri was a Type 14 (Blackwood-class) frigate of the Indian Navy. She was sunk off the coast of Diu, Gujarat, India. This Ship was converted to living museum parked at Arabian ocean in Diu.

Gujarat 2022

Area: 4000 sqmt

Brief: Eco friendly animal care centre using bamboo and wood.


Diu 2021

Area: 31500 m²

Brief: Redevelopment of premises for tourism in Gangeshwar Mahadev Temple. 





with SSGPL.

Baroda 2015

Area: 20000 sqmts

Brief: Entrance Pavillion to famous Ajwa Gardens.





with SSGPL.

Ahmedabad 2010

Area: 4000 sqft

Brief: A.C. Hall with capacity of 300 visitors for centrally located marriage hall using Terrazzo flooring (reviving a dying craft) and sustainable materials.


Ahmedabad 2010

Area: 1000 sqmts

Brief: A modernist approach to gathering spaces.



Ahmedabad 2022

Area: 1608 sqmts

Brief: Museum dedicated to women artist and artisans on the outskirts of Ahmedabad.


Ahmedabad 2019

Area: 800 sqmts

Brief: Art Residency in serene surrounding using sustainable materials.


Taiwan 2011

Area: 23000 sqmts

Brief: Museum for city of Taipei. Form was generated from concept of a rough sketch that is the precursor to the final design.







Competition Entry.

Taiwan 2011

Area: 13000 sqmts

Brief: Museum and galleries for Guggenheim Helsinki. Design used concept of Ships embarked upon the shore. All galleries were within these wooden docks, a symbol also of flourishing timber market in Finland.



Competition Entry.

Cairo 2002

Area: 160000 sqmts

Brief: A Museum for displaying artifacts from archeological sites in Egypt. Architecture is influenced by the grandiose scale of Egyptian monuments.




Competition Entry.

Tokyo 2003

Area: 2000 sqmts

Brief: Residential design for well being.

Competition Entry.

Hongkong 2002







Competition Entry with Matharoo Associates


Ahmedabad 2022

Area: 20000 sqmts

Brief: Addition to an existing house surrounded by thick vegetation and lakes. Large expansive rooms open out into Nature.

Adalaj 2022

Area: 300 sqmts

Brief: An Eco friendly house using raw bricks and concrete.


Ahmedabad 2021

Area: 2200 sqmts


Brief:  How less can you build, when the clients merely wants a covered building to just enjoy the garden and organic farm on a plot of land? The shoe string budget insisted upon minimal material and the fact that the house was to be used very little suggested rough enduring materials.

Delhi 2021

Area: 3800 sqmts

Brief: Four storey apartment block for a joint family. All apartments get open to sky terrace by rotating the floor plate.


Jaspur 2021

Area: 3025 sqmts

Brief: vertical shaft containing a huge garden proposed in this house for a family of four.

Gandhinagar 2021

Area: 300 sqmts

Brief: Small house using two containers made using wood and steel.


Gandhinagar 2020

Area: 2000 sqmts

Brief: The house was designed to cater three generations of people. Regardless of small site, each room was planned to get maximum view of garden.

Ahmedabad 2018

Area: 2000 sqmts

Brief:  Sustainable house using a green roof and perforated feeders from which water falls into pool. This helps in keeping house cool and also nourishes the plant.

Santej 2017

Area: 4500 sqmts

Brief: Weekend house for a nuclear family.

Sanand 2017

Area: 1.6 acres

Brief: Infinity house is a weekend house for a fashion designer couple inserted among paddy fields. the house has been designed to respond to ever-changing scenario around it.


Gandhinagar 2016

Area: 2000 sqmts

Brief:  A modern house with an Indian feel to it using local materials.

Ahmedabad 2011

Area: 1200 sq mts

Brief: A L-shaped house with load bearing brick walls in a square 90’x 110’ plot located in suburban Ahmedabad.  The L shape, while providing cross ventilation to every room, also makes way for a square garden in its periphery.

Ahmedabad 2009

Area: 425 sqmts

Brief: Located at congested Satyagraha Chavni, a residence for a joint family in love with nature.     The Design approach called for a porous building with nature and built form intercepting and dovetailing each other so that the line between the interior and exterior is broken and diluted to the maximum.

Material: Stone, Exposed Bricks, Glass and Mild Steel.

Ahmedabad 2008

Area: 425 sq mts

Brief: A modern minimal house for a nuclear family. Located in the heart of old city, the house reflects changing socio cultural values, curvilinear space opens longitudinally into the site thus providing view of the garden from every point in the house.

Material: Exposed concrete and local stone.

Ahmedabad 2007

Area: 500 sq mts

Brief: A weekend retreat for a nature loving city lawyer.  Steel, Glass and Stone structure surrounded by lily pool.

Udaipur 2003

Area: 8600 sqmts

Brief: An 8 acre peninsula surrounded by the lake Fatehsagar was to be redeveloped and a luxury housing scheme built that comprised of bungalows (36nos of 450 sq yd each), row houses (18nos, 250sqyd each) and flats (48nos, three bedroom each) with a club house, boating deck, swimming pool, amphitheatre, tennis courts etc. The design has a minimalist approach keeping in mind “less is more” and thereby providing more green area to each occupant. In addition to this the site has been cut in a way so to provide view of the lake to each and every resident.

Udaipur 2002

Area: 350 sq mts

Brief: A small house with four bedrooms and requirement of a swimming pool and large glazing overlooking a nearby park. Elaboration of a house with a central waterfall that can be viewed from all public areas. The front entrance being 5’ above ground and the rear end being sunk by 5 feet, there is an element of surprise as one enters as one sees the top of trees at the ground level.

U.P. 1997

Area: 500 sq mts

Brief: Making modern and minimalist interventions in a 30 yrs old house creating an interesting collage of the old and the new.


Hotels & Restaurants

Velavadur 2022

Area: 40500 sqmts

Brief: A Peaceful retreat at Blackbuck Sanctuary. The natural wetlands are retained and cottages placed stratigically to appear to be invisible.

Rampur 2016

Area: 3050 sqmts

Brief: Community building for Jain pilgrims in Rampur.0

Ahmedabad 2015

Area: 55 sqmts

Brief: A small restaurant on terrace of an existing building.


Dhola vira 2012

Area: 17600 sqmts



Bhopal 2010

Area: 7000 sqmts

Brief: A 100 room Business Hotel on the outskirts of bustling city of Bhopal on a lush green 7 acre table top plot on top of a hill. The Surface area of plot has been doubled by creating 9m high hills and going 9 m below, thus making space for hills and lakes, for which the town is famous.

Saputara 2009

Area: 10000 sqmts

Brief: An ecotel is a hallmark application that identifies with energy conservation, waste management, water recycling.

Propelled by the concept of holistic lifestyle and well-being the spa rests on the healing philosophy of physical, mental and spiritual health. The inclusion of art and culture in the forms of Boutique shops into the regime of the guests is carefully orchestrated to elevate the human spirit. Spiritually serene and surreally mystical.

Ahmedabad 2007

Area: 3000 sqmts

Brief: Pre-fabricated hollow MS columns clad with exposed rcc panels, MS roof, 130 covers. A vastu following concept, the central open space converted into a lily pool. Focus being on Hyderabadi cuisine, highlight of the restaurant is a fabricated tandoor that can be viewed from inside the restaurant as well as from the main road with the letters hyderabad blues written over the extended chimney.

Jaipur 2005

Area: 3.5 acre

Brief: A resort promoting organic life style. Naturally sloping land on the NH8 Delhi Jaipur highway. Inspired by the old palaces and Havells of Rajasthan, the resort boasts of 15 cottages, each designed differently, placed in complete isolation to heighten the effects of lush greenery.


Ahmedabad 2018

Area: 110 sqmts

Brief: Truefitt & Hill is the famous store for Hairstyling in Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad 2018

Area: 50 sqmts

Brief: A Jewellery shop in ahmedabad using molecules as motifs for design.

Ahmedabad 2012

Area: 100 sqmts

Brief: Executing making of stores as per PUMA Sports specification and Design.


Ahmedabad 2010

Area: 650 sqmts


Brief: Indian Ethnic wear showroom. Usage of Modern materials like glass, stainless steel, Corian etc. to highlight the fine formal wear products.

Surat 2010

Area: 150 sqmts

Brief: Executing making of stores as per PUMA Sports specification and Design.

Anand 2009

Area: 120 sqmts

Brief: Executing making of stores as per PUMA Sports specification and Design.

Baroda 2009

Area: 190 sqmts

Brief: Executing making of stores as per PUMA Sports specification and Design.

Ahmedabad 2008

Area: 70 sqmts

Brief: Within the parameters of Indian crafts and traditions, to create a modern ambience to encourage young generation to wear the age old saree and thus promote some dying crafts.

Usage of bright colours combined with modern materials like Alumium composite panels, stainless steel and glass in a traditional manner is the USP of this showroom.

Mumbai 2007

Area: 450 sqmts

Brief: Addition Alterations in a 1920 built heritage Building in south Mumbai. Double height volume allows a flowing mezzanine which works as a store as well as an exhibition hall whenever required.

New Delhi 1998

Area: 200 sqmts

Brief: Zen garden like feeling created at the entrance to the showroom that relects Zen philosophy. Natural materials like Himalayan slate, pea gravel used.


Gujarat 2023

Area: 1000 sqmts

Brief: A workshop cum studio for an artist couple.

Aslali 2018

Area: 223 sqmts

Brief: Exposed Concrete, Bricks, wood and Steel. Formwork was done using corrugated GI sheets which were then re used as roofing material.

Ahmedabad 2014

Area: 6500 sqmts

Brief: Factory cum corporate office of an Instrument manufacturing Company.  Spanning over an acre of land, the challenge was to merge the corporate and manufacturing departments in a way that both co-exist without disturbing each other in a single four storied structure. Considering the chemically active atmosphere of Industrial area, the plants had to be hardy yet able to survive the onslaught of pollution. A green belt is created all round to minimise the effect of pollution around.

Ahmedabad 2009

Area: 185 sqmts

Brief: Renovation and interior design of office premises. Designed such as to bring natural Light and Ventilation. Glass and concrete walls are used.

Chatral 2003

Area: 800 sqmts

Brief: A steel platform was added in an existing Plastic Mould making Factory.


Udaipur 2001

Area: 5400 sqmts

Brief: A medical Devices plant confirming to IS standards using strict IS permissible materials and specification. Also an attempt to create green relaxing environment to workers.


Ahmedabad 2021

Area: 112 sqmts

Brief: Office for a foreign importer of goods.


Ahmedabad 2021

Area: 35 sqmts

Brief: Cabin for the CEO in wood and marble.


Surat 2018

Area: 2000 sq mts

Brief: Making an eficient branch for public use keeping the Bank’s image in mind.

Ahmedabad 2017

Area: 360 sqmts

Brief: Office for a multinational lighting company.


Ahmedabad 2011

Area: 200 sqmts

Brief: Renovating a historic Bank’s Corporate floor. The idea was to give the spaces a new contemporary look.

Ahmedabad 2009

Area: 111 m²

Brief: Corporate office of a CWPD Contractor Firm, materials used were glass, stainless steel, and Aluminum. The idea is to make a modular and GREEN office, environment-friendly.

Ahmedabad 2007

Area: 60 sqmts

Brief:  Compact office space. Modern materials and Shoestring budget Architectural Design Office.

Ahmedabad 2003

Area: 30sqmts

Brief: An Insurance consultants office. Modern contemporary interiors.

Ahmedabad 2003

Area: 30 sq mts

Brief: Minimalist design.


Ahmedabad 2002

Area: 50 sqmts

Brief: Office for a Plastic manufacturer.


Noida 1998

Area: 2230 sqmts 

Brief: The interior design is modular, yet gives a stable and permanent feel. The materials used are lightweight and transparent like glass, steel and wood. An ambience of Spartan light heartedness that uplifts the mood.


Urban Design

Dwarka 2009

Area: 10000 sqmts

Brief: 10m x 1km long approach route to the historic Dwarka town is to be highlighted as the Urban response to this pilgrim city.Eco Conservation and Tourism: a balance between the two is maintained by creating parks and giving Edge to the backwaters.

Ahmedabad 2008

Area: 3000 sqmts

Brief: Refurbishing facade of an old market.



Ahmedabad 2009

Area: 600 sqmts

Brief: Located in a Chiku Orchard, this house is designed to integrate the Inside with Outside in a way they form an overlapping pattern. The House also redefines the Indian Craft and motifs placed in a contemporary context. The furniture is an eclectic mix of “Indian craft” and very contemporary “minimal”.


Ahmedabad 2008

Area: 350 sqmts

Brief: House for a Mordern family.


Ahmedabad 2008

Area: 220 sqmts

Brief: House for a fashion photographer.

Ahmedabad 2008

Area: 40 sqmts

Brief:This small unit was created using the DRY CONSTRUCTION Method. No cement/bricks were used. A 20’ x 20’ courtyard was covered using a pre-coated sheet roof and MS partition with Bison board cladding on both sides.

Ahmedabad 2007

Area:  500 sqmts

Brief: A Suburban townhouse, this house is designed for a returning NRI planning to come back to his roots. The feel and materials are contemporary with some Indian motifs. Highlight of this house is a wall collage 12′ x 8′ made of family photographs set in various architectural sites.

Ahmedabad 2007

Area:  750 sqmts

Brief: Addition Alterations in a typical sloping roof house for an ageing ex mill owner. Elements from the previous houses assembled in the new setting thus to make the owner comfortable with the memories of past. Burma teak ventilators used to make grilled doors, carved sand stone railing used as coping for the garden wall. Red sandstone geometrical flooring further enhances the bygone era.

Ahmedabad 2007

Area: 220 sqmts

Brief: House for traditional Marwadi family.

Ahmedabad 2006

Area:  1000 sqmts

Brief: House of a Mill owner

Ahmedabad 2006

Area: 600 sqmts

Brief: Renovation of an existing house.

Ahmedabad 2006

Area: 75 sqmts

Brief: Creating better usable spaces by additions and alterations. Creating extra space by covering parts of the terrace without reducing the “open” feeling. Modular and temporary feel to the additional covered areas to respect the bye laws.


Ahmedabad, 2021

Area: 70 sqmts

Brief: A Dental clinic at Thaltej.


Bangalore, 2012

Area:  4500 sqmts

Brief: Institution for Stem cell Biology and regenerative medicine. 





Competition Entry with Matharoo Associates.

Ahmedabad 2010

Area: 25000 sqmts

Brief: Multi Speciality Hospital in Thaltej.


Jaipur, 2005

Area: 1 sqkm

Brief: Reflects the glory of the rich Indian Heritage. The project sponsored by the, Amer Fort, one of the most Famous forts in India, 50 kms away from Jaipur Rajasthan tourism involved studying the architectural correction measures. The study revealed accuracy of proportions, intricacy of detailing and Responsive Climatic conditions by architecture means.


*Worked as Project Architect, Jain Associates, Ahmedabad

Kutch, 2005

Area: 1 km²

Brief: The Temple situated 50kms away from Bhuj in North Gujarat lies in a near ruinous state. Lakha (942 AD –997 AD) built this Shiv temple known as Lakheswar Mahadev along with a fort in his capital Kapil Kot, the present Kera village. Faint traces of the wall are evident. The Earthquake of 1819 brought the entire mandapa and garbhagriha subsequently in 2001 earthquakes. Of the mandapa which measured 5.7 mts wide, only a part of the north wall with one window in it is left; the amlasila of the Shikhar lies outside, a block about 2 mts in diameter. At present the Shikhar is spliced into two. Archaeological Survey of India undertook some repair work in 1998 and tried to rebuild the walls.

Nagaur, Rajasthan; 1993

Area: 1 sqkm

Brief: The Project consisted of studying the 1000-year-old Nagaur fort, its indigenous construction methods and proposing technology to restore the fort to its historic glory. Worked with leading Conservation Architects Kulbhushan and Meenaxi Jain.





*Worked as Project Architect, Jain Associates, Ahmedabad