Architectonica Procreate


Gujarat 2023

Area: 1000 sqmts

Brief: A workshop cum studio for an artist couple.

Aslali 2018

Area: 223 sqmts

Brief: Exposed Concrete, Bricks, wood and Steel. Formwork was done using corrugated GI sheets which were then re used as roofing material.

Ahmedabad 2014

Area: 6500 sqmts

Brief: Factory cum corporate office of an Instrument manufacturing Company.  Spanning over an acre of land, the challenge was to merge the corporate and manufacturing departments in a way that both co-exist without disturbing each other in a single four storied structure. Considering the chemically active atmosphere of Industrial area, the plants had to be hardy yet able to survive the onslaught of pollution. A green belt is created all round to minimise the effect of pollution around.

Ahmedabad 2009

Area: 185 sqmts

Brief: Renovation and interior design of office premises. Designed such as to bring natural Light and Ventilation. Glass and concrete walls are used.

Chatral 2003

Area: 800 sqmts

Brief: A steel platform was added in an existing Plastic Mould making Factory.


Udaipur 2001

Area: 5400 sqmts

Brief: A medical Devices plant confirming to IS standards using strict IS permissible materials and specification. Also an attempt to create green relaxing environment to workers.