Architectonica Procreate


Ahmedabad 2022

Area: 1608 sqmts

Brief: Museum dedicated to women artist and artisans on the outskirts of Ahmedabad.


Ahmedabad 2019

Area: 800 sqmts

Brief: Art Residency in serene surrounding using sustainable materials.


Taiwan 2011

Area: 23000 sqmts

Brief: Museum for city of Taipei. Form was generated from concept of a rough sketch that is the precursor to the final design.







Competition Entry.

Taiwan 2011

Area: 13000 sqmts

Brief: Museum and galleries for Guggenheim Helsinki. Design used concept of Ships embarked upon the shore. All galleries were within these wooden docks, a symbol also of flourishing timber market in Finland.



Competition Entry.

Cairo 2002

Area: 160000 sqmts

Brief: A Museum for displaying artifacts from archeological sites in Egypt. Architecture is influenced by the grandiose scale of Egyptian monuments.




Competition Entry.

Tokyo 2003

Area: 2000 sqmts

Brief: Residential design for well being.

Competition Entry.

Hongkong 2002







Competition Entry with Matharoo Associates